Termite Hotspots in Townsville

Spring has sprung in Townsville and these warming conditions means one thing “MORE PESTS”. As a result the need for pest control in Townsville has really cranked up this week.  Can you believe we had 28 degrees with 90% humidity the other day, you could... read more

Cockroaches are a Common Pest.

Cockroaches are an all to common fact of life here in Townsville and surrounding areas. There is nothing worse then when you get up in the middle of the night and turn the kitchen light on ,to find dozens of them (in some cases hundreds of them) running across your... read more

Rain Increases Fleas & Ticks in your home.

With the recent rain we had here in Townsville, there has been an increase in people calling in with flea and tick problems. Fleas and ticks love wet conditions and it’s the usual to have an increase after rain.  Areas that have been most affected: South... read more