“WINTER IN TOWNSVILLE”, you’ve got to love it!  Beautiful one day, perfect the next. The weather has been unseasonably warm  here in Townsville, even more so then usual, and this has resulted in a definite increase in pest activity.  Particularly in areas such as Belgian Gardens, Annandale, Burdell, Rangewood, Wulguru, South Townsville and the Northern Beaches of Townsville to name a few.

We have been getting a lot more calls then usual for this time of year, from clients with pest problems from all over Townsville reporting cockies, spiders, silverfish, ants, ticks, fleas, mice, rats, ants and many more. Ticks and fleas have still been in plague proportions as mentioned in our last blog and calls from clients are still coming in and keeping us busy.

However, the biggest concern being termites has also been on the increase. Left untreated, termites can cause serious structural damage to your home.

The three most common species that you’re most likely to find infesting your home here in Townsville would be the Mastotermes darwiniensis, coptotermes acinaciformis and Schedorhinotermes intermedious or as we like to call them Masto’s, Copto’s and Schedo’s.

Although Copto’s cause the most dollars worth of damage Australia wide, the Masto Termites are by far the most destructive and can cause serious damage to your home in just a couple of months. The reason being why Copto termites cause more damage Australia wide is for the fact that they are found Australia wide and are in all major capital cities with Hobart as an exception, where the Masto is only found in northern Australia.

Thankfully, the treatment for termites is effective and generally takes only a day to carry out.

One particular job I’d like to talk about is a large Queenslander we treated in Railway Estate last week. The client knew he had a problem for quite a while but thought it was only minor. For this reason he had let it go for several months without getting anything done.

This particular Queenslander has been divided into four two bedroom units, two units upstairs and two units downstairs. At first glance it seemed like it only had a minor infestation in the back bathroom of only one of the units. With every job though, we carry out a full termite inspection. It turned out sections of all four units were infested with termites and there was quite a lot of damage. This job became an extensive treatment. To ensure total elimination of the pests, we also internal drilled and injected the slab along construction joins and completed a perimeter termite barrier treatment.

This is a common story here in Townsville and throughout Australia. What you see, may only be the tip of the iceberg, and quite often you may not see any evidence whatsoever, until the damage is already done, highlighting the importance of 12 monthly termite inspections for early detection or even better, installing a complete termite protection barrier system. You can give Townsville Termite Specialist a call on 07 4721 4996 for a no cost, obligation free quote, and face to face advice.