Termites are a serious problem here in North Queensland, with the potential to cause severe structural damage, Professionals for termite treatmentresulting in very expensive repair work. Often, homeowners won’t know that they have termites in their home until substantial damage has already been done. Steel-framed houses are not immune to termite attack, with roof trusses, furniture and wood trim being susceptible to termite attack.

Today, modern termite/white ant control products are more advanced and successful than ever before. However, it still requires specialist skills and extensive experience to correctly protect your home from termites.

In all termite control situations, before any termite treatment is considered, an assessment is conducted to determine the extent of the problem, and which treatment method or product will be the most suited. Determining the most effective pest control or termite treatment in Townsville is vital in eliminating the attack on your home.
All termite work is fully guaranteed by Townsville Termite Specialist, and is carried out by an experienced, fully qualified pest control technician.

Townsville Termite Specialist is the best choice for quality, affordable termite services:

  • Termite inspections, including pre-purchase property inspections
  • Effective treatment plans tailored to each client
  • Installation and maintenance of reticulated termite barrier systems, including pre-construction installation (BSA# 1115681) – property protection from termite invasion

Townsville Termite Specialist is also a leading provider of quality general pest management services in both the residential and commercial sectors, treating ants, cockroaches, rodents, spiders, silverfish, bedbugs, fleas and ticks.

For all termite and general pest enquiries, call Townsville Termite Specialist on: (07) 4721 4996 or 0478 083 683.