Frequently Asked Questions ?

How much is termite protection?
It depends on several factors such as the difficulty of the job, the overall size of the job, wether it is just for protection or you have an infestation and it depends on the severity of the infestation. Every job differs but we can offer an obligation free quote so give us a call and we can send a technician immediately.
Are white ants and termites the same?
Yes they are!
Are termites covered under home insurance?
Unfortunately no, its not covered under home insurance.
Will the pest’s disappear straight away?
No not immediately and how long it takes depends on the pest. Eg: cockies are usually over night where ants can take up to a week.
Why should I get a pest inspection?
Peace of mind knowing your home or business is safe!
How experienced are you?
I am industry certified and have been in the Pest Control and Management industry for 14 years!
Do you provide detailed reports?
Yes we give detailed reports!
Do you do Pre-Construction inspections?
Yes we do, we will give you a detailed report!
If my pest inspection is bad will you tell me not to purchase?
We cannot tell you not to purchase but can advise as to how much the repairs may cost.
How do I book an inspection?
Call us today for a no obligation free quote or get a quote now online, just click the button below, fill in the form and we will get back to you shortly.