Cockroaches are an all to common fact of life here in Townsville and surrounding areas. There is nothing worse then when you get up in the middle of the night and turn the kitchen light on ,to find dozens of them (in some cases hundreds of them) running across your kitchen bench looking for a cozy spot to hide, such as amongst your cutlery; spreading their germs on the very things you’re going to shove in your mouth in the morning. Nice picture isn’t it?

One I’m sure many of you are all too familiar with.  Although filthy conditions can definitely cause problems such as the scenario mentioned above, unfortunately you can have an extremely tidy and clean home and still be infested by cockies.

We have been receiving calls from all over Townsville and surrounds to treat for cockies, but  Gulliver, Heatley, Kirwan, Currajong, Touth Townsville, Belgian Gardens and Townsville city have really featured.  Outer suburbs of Roseneath, Oak Valley, Bohle Plains, Burdell , Mount Low, Deeragun and Jensen have also had noticably increased pest activity.

The three main types of cockroaches you’re likely to find around Townsville. These are American cockroaches, Australian cockroaches and German cockroaches. The most common of these is the German Cockroach. Although they are the smaller of the three (growing to a length of around 13-16mm) they cause a lot more infestations then other cockroaches. I would estimate 90% of cockie infestations we treat here in Townsville would be to treat the German cockroach. The main reason behind this is that they breed very quickly and easily and prefer the indoor environments of our homes a lot more then other cockies.

German cockies lay around four to six egg cases with each case containing around thirty to forty eggs. That is potentially 240 cockies produced from one female. German cockies are usually introduced by bringing things into the house like used appliances, cardboard containers, boxes, bags etc it’s easy to see how bringing in a dozen or so via these means can quickly escalate into dozens, hundreds or in some extreme cases even thousands.

I did a job a couple of years ago in the Kelso area that really shocked me. I was welcomed into the house by a lovely young couple with very concerned looks on there faces. While they were talking to me, in the corner of my eye there was a dark marking along all the cornices that I could see, extending about 150mm across side of the cornice. For the fact that I still hadn’t directly looked at it yet, the first thought was that they had a serious mould problem and the this dark band was mould. When I was able to have a closer look, I was shocked to see that this was actually a mass of cockroaches. There were thousands of them. I have seen a lot of bad infestations in the sixteen years I’ve been a pest technician, but to this day I still haven’t seen another one quite like this. They were through the bedding, behind every cupboard door covering the entire back of the door, through all the food and utensils, through the curtains and basically in every nook and cranny you could imagine. By the time we were finished, there wasn’t a square inch of floor that didn’t have a dead or dying cockroach on it. The good news is, we sprayed and dusted and after an extensive clean up, the clients cockroach problem was successfully treated.

We use only the best top shelf products for all our pest control services, which is why we get the amazing results we do.

If you have an infestation at your place or if you just want to prevent ever having a problem like this, “as it is said prevention is better then cure.”, give us a call at Townsville Termite Specialist for a quote and friendly advice on cockroaches treatments or any other pest control needs.