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Q. Does this company also do general Pest control in Townsville "cockies, spiders, silverfish, cockroaches etc"?
A. Yes we sure do. We are experts in termite control but we also have extensive experience and training in all areas of pest control including cockies spiders silverfish and ants as mentioned above. We also treat fleas, ticks, wasps bedbugs and birdlice just to name a few.
Q. What areas do you work in?
A. Townsville Termite Specialist provide services in a range of areas in North Queensland providing pest control services to Townsville and all surrounding suburbs, extending west out to charters towers, south to Ayr and north to Ingham.
Q. I have a block home.Is it safe from termites?
A. Definitely not. In actual fact block on slab homes are the most common homes we find with termite infestations. Most block homes have pine timber internal walls. The fact is that the house itself is sitting on a concrete slab that itself is sitting on the ground where the termites live. The slightest crack or fault in the slab can allow termites to gain entry. It’s even common to find termites in block homes with physical type barriers.
Q Do you do flea/ tick treatments for vacating a rental property for a bond return?
A. Yes we do. We can also organise and quote on house cleaning and carpet cleaning. All these services are carried out by licenced professionals and comes with a guarantee that you will get your bond return back.
Q. Does the weather affect pests?
A. Pests are a problem for your home and family all year round but there are times and conditions that can cause them to spike. For example after rain and in hot humid conditions.
Q. Why should I use a professional pest control service?
A. For the safety of your home and family you can’t beat the experience of a professional pest control technician. Here at Townsville Termite Specialist we only use the best quality products and with our extensive training and experience we know exactly where to place it.

There are plenty of products on the DIY market but from my experience the results are very limited.

Q. Is the chemical harmful?
A. All of the treatments used are 100% safe for children pets and the environment.
Q. Is there any odour?
A. Generally no. Most treatments are odourless.
Q. How soon until the treatment is effective?
A. This really depends on the treatment that is being carried out but usually anywhere from immediately up to a week.
Q. What kind of guarantee can I expect on treatments?
A. Again this really depends on what type of treatment you are having. Termites Five years, ants cockies spiders silverfish twelve months and fleas and ticks are three months.
Q. How often should I have my house inspected for termites?
A. It’s highly recommended to have a termite inspection at very least every twelve months for early detection. Early detection is very important to minimise damage to your home or structure.
Q. How much does it cost to get rid of a pest problem?
A. This will depend on the type of pest and the level of infestation. Give Paul Williamson a call at Townsville Termite Specialist for a no obligation, free quote. Paul is always happy to have a chat and offer free advise from his 16 years of experience.
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